ReBalance – Levande probiotika ansiktsmask

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Levande probiotika ansiktsmask

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Active skincare treatment for the face and decolletage
Dry, sensitive skin, redness, pimples, acne, and early signs of ageing are a daily reality for many. At times, the skin’s natural bacteria levels are too low, allowing harmful bacteria to penetrate the skin barrier and wreak havoc on the skin. Rebiome ReBalance does exactly what it says: the skin harmonizing formula contains a high concentration of live probiotics to effectively boost the skin microbiome with beneficial bacteria, positive impacting its pH and moisture levels, and banishing bad bacteria. Leaves the skin intensely hydrated and tightened.

Balance and boost the skin microbiome
ReBalance active probiotic mask is a superior skincare treatment for the face and decolletage area that delivers live bacteria directly to the skin to balance its microbiome. With a guaranteed 8 billion live bacteria from a documented probiotic strain (m.biomeLiveSkin88™) at the time of activation, it is further enriched with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acids. The result is healthier, balanced skin. Contains 3 x 15 ml bottles of live probiotics.